Artist Alley

My name is Rik Hogervorst and I am an illustrator and animator. I love creating and exploring new worlds and characters, giving them life and a story to inspire. I do both digital art and traditional. I would love to share my stories and characters with you.

Come see my work in the Artist Alley!


Hi, my name is Amy, I’m 21 years old and currently studying game art at the HKU in Utrecht. I do both 2d and growing in 3d art. Besides school, I am busy broadening my skills and gaming, or watching some gameplays.

I can say with great honor that I will be present at mConvention to share my art with you. And maybe even inform you a bit about my skills in the world as a starting student and artist.

I hope to see you then!


Hiii šŸ™‚ it’s me, MaybeKevin! I’m a 20y/o artsy boy who loves designing characters and animating stuff. YES, I am an animator, I make objects move by using After Effects, how cool is that!

I hope to see y’all at mConvention! I’ll be drawing thingies at the artist alley, come visit me if you like! šŸ˜€


Hi there!

I’m Anita/LokaleKoelkast, a 20-year-old graphic designer. I mainly work for esports and gaming organizations, focusing on their visual identity, and branding. I create graphics such as social media posts, stream overlays, jerseys, merch, etc. I have also set up the branding for this event!

I will be showcasing some of my work at mConvention. Feel free to approach me when you see me! See you on June 18th!


Hii! My name is Alicia, im a 19-year-old Twitch artist here in The Netherlands. I make emotes, sub badges and layouts for livestreamers mainly on Twitch! I also love to draw and make illustrations of movie/game characters!

I’ll be in the artist alley working on some emotes, hope to see you there!



My name is Bee and Iā€™m a 17 year old Dutch artist. I mainly do digital art but I also dabble in traditional from time to time. Iā€™m a full time student, but most of my free time passes by drawing, playing video games, and talking to my friends.

You’ll find me in the Artist Alley where I have my shop and can make drawings for you. Hope to see you there!


Studio Sjambar

Studio Sjambar will bring artwork that you, the visitor, can color with paint yourself!

Studio Sjambar