Capital Defense Cup


June 17: Capital Defence Cup at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

On Saturday 17th of June mCon esports will collaborate with Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam (GLR) and Gemeente Rotterdam to bring you the Capital Defense Cup, a League of Legends tournament with a special twist. The event will take place in the Esports Space, a state-of-the-art gaming facility at GLR, which will be completely transformed into a medieval theme.

The Capital Defense Cup will be a trailblazer in Dutch streaming history as explained by event organizer Thijs Massink: “During this major event, we are merging the latest digital techniques with analog means. With augmented reality, we will exploit the full potential of the Esports Space. It will be unrecognizable and look completely like a castle. The walls will be stickered with brick motifs and animations will run on the screens making it look like you are looking out from a castle.”

The Capital Defense Cup will take place from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. GMT +2 and can be watched live on However, if you want to fully experience the Capital Defense Cup for free then then it is possible to join the event at GLR and meet your favourite Dutch esports teams, influencers and cosplayers.

As official esports team of Rotterdam which is the capital of esports, mCon will be defending the title of esports royalty against three challenging teams:

  • Dynasty esports
  • A One Man Army
  • Dream Team

The Dream team will consist out of five Dutch League of Legends streamers. While the Dynasty esports and A One Man Army will bring their own teams with them. All teams will be led by a captain. The captains roles will be fulfilled by well-known Dutch influencers. They will be revealed as the event rolls closer.

The captains have the ability to influence the game by playing cards which can make it harder for your opponent to win, give your own team a boost or even completely change the game. With these cards the captains will try their best to lead their teams to victory.

Every captain will have a deck of 14 cards where they can draw from. There are three type of cards.

  • The defensive cards, these blue cards will give the team that plays them a boost to help them prevail against their opponent;
  • The red cards are called offensive cards, these cards are designed to make it heavier on your opponent;
  • Lastly there are the golden cards, these are rare and powerful cards. They have the ability to completely chance the way that the game is played.

It will be up to mCon esports to battle with the three other teams. mCon esports must survive these battles. They will get three hearts at the beginning of the livestream. Everytime they lose a match, they will lose a heart. When mCon esports loses a heart, their castle will also take damage. The final team, The Dream Team, will pose an even bigger threat to them as The Dream Team can take away two hearts if they were to win. This will make sure that there will be tension until the end of the livestream.

The Twitch chat will also get the power to support their favourite team. By doing polls during the livestream Twitch chat gets the power to boost their team or make life difficult for their opponents.

The organiser of the event, Thijs Massink, already mentioned there will be made use of augmented reality during the livestream. For example, the castle will be brought to life by augmented reality. This has been made possible through a special cooperation between mCon esports and BoldlyXR.

The matches will be shoutcasted by the talented ExWarrior and AeoreCasts. While the hosting and analyses will be done by the cosplayer duo of Har_Fie and Sakuraflorr. They will also be available for a meet and greet.


Involved partners

The municipality of Rotterdam and mCon are collaborating with the schools of Breda University of Applied Sciences, Sint Lucas in Eindhoven and the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam for this event. For the municipality, this is a high profile event, as Rotterdam is investing into bringing esports to their municipality, the Capital Defense Cup is a good example of this. Besides the municipality there are also other big partners involved, these partners are:

  • Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
  • Gemeente Rotterdam
  • Lenovo
  • BoldlyXR
  • Logitech G
  • Xbox
  • Twitch