Esports & Games Program

Beat the pro's or just beat your friends!

Challenger stage

Challenge one of our professional esporters during the Beat the Pro. Can you beat them?



13.3014.30Trackmania NationsBeat the pro vs Koen “Koenz” Schobbers
14.3015:30League of LegendsBeat the pro vs Job “Slyv3r” Goossens
15:3016:30Rocket LeagueBeat the pro vs Mickey “Minkey” Booij
16:3017:30FIFA23Beat the pro vs Dani Hagebeuk

Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam – Esports Tour

  • Valorant (Deathmatch)
  • FIFA – Beat the pro & casual games

mCon esports booth

  • League of Legends. Meet our League of Legends team and play a game of League of Legends with or against them!
  • StarCraft II – Free 2 play
  • Convergence – Free 2 play
  • McFly3D – 3d printing cosplay

Esports Defensie

  • TrackMania Nations Forever – 1vs1
  • Valorant – 1vs1
  • CS:GO – 1vs1

Pokémon Unite Area

  • Free 2 play

NWTV – Kart Live Home Circuit

NWTV is literally bringing the real world and the gaming world together during the mConvention. You race a physical Mario Kart car in a digital world on the Nintendo Switch. Do this against digital opponents or against your own father. You can also race with Mario Kart together with your dad against other kids and their dads.

Will you and your dad will become the best players of the day?

Those who love it can also play Mario Kart on the switch.

  • Father & kids challenge
  • Mario Kart