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Logitech G

Logitech G has a long list of industry firsts in terms of gaming equipment development. Besides that, Logitech G has a far-reaching tradition of inventing new technology and optimizing builds.

The players at mCon use Logitech G gear.
The best gear for the best performances.

Logitech G

Gemeente Rotterdam 

Since 2020, mCon esports has been the official esports team of Rotterdam.
Rotterdam has been working for some time to become the esports capital of Europe. A city bustling with activity around gaming and esports.

Gemeente Rotterdam Esports

Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

The Esports Space at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam is the home base of mCon esports. This state-of-the-art facility at GLR is space where students are educated to work in the dynamic world of esports. In addition to education, the Esports Space is also used as a true esports arena where tournaments and other activities take place.

Esports Space

Ziva events

Ziva events pushes boundaries in the development of game events and are therefore designated as Preferred Partner by various A-brands in the game industry.

Ziva events


Everblaze is specialized in digital design and development, focused on esports & gaming. They have developed the mCon website.



‘Not just a print’! Multipurpose 3D printing for cosplay which includes helmets, action figures among others.