Program Theater Hall

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13:0013:20Ruben Been & Marc van Kaam
Founder mCon esports & Director new Luxor Theater
13:2013:40Ruben Been
Founder – mCon esports
Highlights 15 years mCon esports
13:4014:00Martijn J. Peltenburg
Project manager digital economy – Municipality of Rotterdam
The economic importance of esports
14:0014:20Frederik Peters
Board chairman – Branchevereniging Esports Nederland
The importance of top teams in the esports pyramid
14:2014:40Jan Peter de Ronde
Esports Instructor – Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
Esports in education
14:4015:00Marc van den Helder
Marketing manager – Logitech G
What are the motivations for sponsoring an esports team?
15:0015:20Luc Haen
Head Section Online Media – Defensie
Why Defensie is investing in esports and gaming through Esports Defensie
15:2015:40Berry van Engelen
Director – Ziva-Events
The impact of esports and gaming on events
15:4016:00Koen Schobbers
Keynote speaker & first Dutch professional gamer with top sports status
Esports as kickstarter of international speaking career
16:0017:00Ruben Been
Founder- mCon esports
Masterclass Esports organisations
17:0018:00Cosplay Contest & CatwalkHosted by Shamiku
Judges – Sakuraflor, Har_Fie & DobiCos
18:0018:10Ruben Been
Founder – mCon esports
Final ceremony and grand prize presentation
18:1018:30Award ceremony Cosplay Contest & Catwalk