See you at mConvention at 18th of June!

This day, we celebrate the 15th anniversary of mCon esports during mConvention at nieuwe Luxor Theater in Rotterdam. From 13:00pm to 20:00pm the entire theater will be dedicated to esports, games & cosplay. Check out all the activities and the program below.

Entrance is free for everyone.

Tickets and Info
  • Logitech G
  • Gemeente Rotterdam
  • Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
  • ZIVA Events

Who we are.

mCon esports is one of the most iconic and authentic top-level esports clubs in the Benelux. Besides our professional esports teams, we as an organization are employable on various fronts within the esports industry. Our mission extends beyond presenting: our goal is to inspire others, entertain and make esports bigger in the Netherlands.